"You have to tell a story before you can sell a story."

-Beth Comstock ​

Your company has a story, and that story is yours.

Marketing in the digital world is a requirement for a business anymore, but it's a world that is vast, wide, and busy.

Cut through the noise and show people who you are and why you care. 


Small businesses don't worry! I'm on your side. We will get you noticed and positioned for continued success. 

Boots and Cleats Marketing started from the idea that every business should be active in their marketing strategy.  From small, family-owned businesses that need full marketing assistance to larger companies that just need some additional marketing resources to fulfill a current strategy, Boots and Cleats Marketing is a valuable resource to collaborate with your company. 

Content Creation

Blog posts, news articles, videos, podcasts, and infographics are great to increase exposure in the digital realm.  Using the different types of content, we can tell your story to your audience. 

Social Media Marketing

Go beyond your typical Facebook posts and reach your audience with precision and confidence. We will start by discovering who you are reaching, who you want to reach, and how to reach them through all of the normal clutter and the social media "gate-keeper" we call the algorithm. 

Digital Marketing

Has your website grown stale? No one around to update your content online? Have Yelp and Google reviews that haven't been addressed? The moving parts of your online presence can't be forgotten or else you 'll be forgotten. Let's make sure you're looking good online by updating your website and finding more ways for people to find you. 

Event Marketing

Events are a special task for a company. Don't let that hard work go to waste. We will set up a plan to promote the event, cover the event, and wrap-up the event using a range of platforms and methods. Coving the event is a big task and your manpower may be limited. Let me come in and cover the event for you.

Graphic Design

Print, digital, flyers, and images are all very important in setting your company apart from your competitors. Get your audience to complete a call to action with your message and branding.


It's true what they say about a picture. The right angle, the right subject, and the right story will elevate your message to a new level. Need updated photos for your website? Need memories captured? Simple and natural photos can show the personal side of your company. 

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